The Secret Marathon

Martin Parnell's third book takes the reader on an inspirational journey into a country known for political chaos and female oppression. In 2016, Martin went on an adventure that many believed was madness: running a marathon in Afghanistan in a quest to fight for women's rights and gender equality. To order book click here.                  

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Keynotes and Workshops

Martin's inspirational story will demonstrate how one person, through determination and persistence can affect change. As someone who went from the mining industry to becoming an athlete ambassador for Right To Play, Martin will take you on a journey that will both amaze and inspire. We can all make a difference, one step at a time. read more...

In Action

Martin has made numerous keynote presentations across Canada and the UK. Clients include Human Resource Institute of Alberta, Contron Construction, NWT Parks and Rec., Avanti Software, Sun Life Financial, Physiotherapy Alberta, Cambrian College, Raymond James, Alberta Parks and Rec., Rotary 5360 DisCon, and Scouts Canada. 


Support Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan 

Donations to CW4WAfghan have helped improve the lives of tens of thousands of Afghan women and girls. Over the past two decades, CW4WAfghan’s work has helped raise the country’s literacy rate, improve the quality of teaching, promoted reading and access to books, and put learning in the hands of students, teachers and anyone with a curious mind by adapting new technologies to help realize the right to education in Afghanistan.donation.