Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

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Classrooms Without Walls

Classrooms Without Walls

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Education is one of the most powerful tools that can transform lives and uplift communities. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to quality education, especially in conflict zones where students face numerous challenges. However, one person who is making a difference in this regard is David Falconer, the Founder and Executive Director of Classrooms Without Walls(CWW).

David Falconer's volunteer work began in March 2022, soon after Russia invaded Ukraine. Witnessing the impact of conflict on students' education, David immediately volunteered to support Smart Osvita NGO, a Ukrainian non-profit organization, to coordinate an international volunteer program to deliver online lessons in English. The support David received from volunteers like retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, the Smithsonian Institution, the Royal Tyrrell Museum, the Edmonton Public Library, Winspear Centre, and teachers and non-teachers from around the world inspired him to start CWW, an organization that currently offers free online schooling to students living in conflict zones.

By partnering with organizations such as Smart Osvita NGOCanadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Ocean WiseEdmonton Public Library, OverDrive, Monash Virtual School, and hundreds of volunteer teachers, CWW is providing a lifeline to students who have been forced to abandon their education due to conflict. By offering free online schooling, CWW is breaking down barriers and providing access to education to those who need it the most. Most important, CWW is letting students in these countries know that the world has not forgotten them and that they can continue to dream, and set goals.

Currently, CWW offers three programs for volunteers to join, Teachers for Afghanistan, Teachers for Ukraine, and Teachers for Myanmar.

Classrooms Without Walls (CWW) is actively seeking volunteers who are willing to offer their free time to teach various elementary and secondary school subjects, including ESL (English as a Second Language). Volunteers are also invited to share their hobbies, gifts and talents with students, such as teaching them how to draw, learn magic tricks, and more. By making education fun and engaging, CWW is creating an environment where students can thrive and learn in a safe environment. There are also other opportunities to support CWW such as updating CWW's social media, becoming an online  host, and general organization support. 

All volunteers are provided with an online introduction and training. 

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