The Great Virtual Mount Everest Climb – Birthday Boy

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The Great Virtual Mount Everest Climb – Birthday Boy

Mountaineer Martin (aged 64) and Nanatuk Nathan (aged 11 today!!!!!!) are climbing Mount Everest, 200 stairs per day. It will take them 95 days including 4 Camp rest days.

This is their journal: 

Day 78 of 95: Tuesday, June 30th 2020 (Elevation 26,850 feet: Stairs 14,800: Vertical height climbed 9,375 feet)

Mountaineer Martin:

Leaving Camp IV we looked down on the Tibetan plateau with its vast brown plains, white glaciers and the other alpine giants – Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu – in the distance. One step at a time, Sherpa Jyamchang lead Nanatuk Nathan and myself higher and higher. We didn’t talk a lot and were happy to follow his routine: climb six steps then rest for 10 seconds, climb for six steps then rest for 10 seconds. 

Nanatuk Nathan:

Today we saw the Tibetan plateau, did you know it is the highest and largest plateau in the world? There are a number of rare animals living on the plateau including the Himalayan Red Panda. I thought that was pretty cool. I am not a fan of climbing this part as it is very hard to climb and stop all the time.  I wonder what’s for dinner? 

Day 81 of 95: Friday, July 3rd 2020 (Elevation 27,225 feet: Stairs 15,400: Vertical height climbed 9,750 feet)

Mountaineer Martin:

Sherpa Jyamchang received a text from Base Camp saying that a number of climbers from all over the world had arrived and were getting ready to climb the mountain. Apparently “The Great Virtual Everest Charity Climb” had been organized. There are three events: “Killer Kramps” an 8 day challenge, “Extreme Everest”, a 4 day event and “Summit Screamer”, a one day World Record attempt. All climbers are aiming to reach the summit by July 17th. It’s going to be busy at the top!

Nanatuk Nathan:

Each night, in my tent, I listen to stories told to me by Shepra Jyamchang. He has shared with me tales of when he was a boy and how he started to learn to climb the highest mountain in the world. Sherpa Jyamchang loves animals and my favorite story of his is when he and a friend came across one of the rarest animals in the world, a Himalayan Hedgehog. This animal is normally only ever seen at night on a full moon. I love Sherpa Jyamchang’s stories. 

Day 85 of 95: Tuesday, July 7th 2020 (Elevation 27,725 feet: Stairs 16,200: Vertical height climbed 10,250 feet)

Mountain Martin

It’s a very exciting day today. It’s Nanatuk Nathan’s 11th birthday and as we climbed I told him about what I did on my 11th birthday. My dad had given me a soccer ball and we went out into the garden for a “kick-around”. Sherpa Jyamchang told us that on his 11th birthday he climbed to Base Camp and looked up at the mighty Everest thinking “One day I’ll climb that mountain”. 

Nanatuk Nathan:

What a day! Mountaineer Martin and Sherpa Jyamchang had carried birthday presents for me all the way up the mountain. They included a Swiss army knife from Mountaineer Martin, hand warmers from Klemheist Knot Kristina, Everest extra warm socks from Sherpa Sue, a box of Twinkies from Crampon Charlie and the best surprise of all……..a birthday cake Sherpa Jyamchang had made for me. That night, in our tent, as we all ate cake and had hot chocolate, we talked about the final push up the mountain.

Funds are being raised to Support the Sherpa's. They have lost their jobs and livelihood with the closing of Everest on March 15th. Donations can be made at 

Thank you.

Onward and upwards.  

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