Being Passionate about More than a Game of Soccer

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On a Saturday morning, I enjoy nothing more than going for a run with friends and then returning home to a bacon and eggs breakfast, followed by watching a Premier League soccer game, from the UK. This Saturday, Sue and I had travelled to the town of Wetaskiwin, to check out the Reynolds Alberta museum, which I highly recommend, and watch some NASCAR races at the Edmonton International Raceway.  

I didn’t do my usual run or have my bacon and eggs, but I still managed to catch most of a soccer game, in this case CrystalPalace v Swansea. 

At one point, the commentator remarked that attendance at the game was around 26,000 

Another Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur, are currently based at Wembley Stadium, whilst their new ground is being built, and the capacity there is some 90,000.                 .

It struck me that it’s extraordinary how so many people can come together and share the  passion  of supporting 22 guys passing a ball around, in the hope that someone will manage to kick it into the back of a 8ft. high, 24ft wide net. 

It also struck me that it would be amazing if that same number of people could come together and share that same degree of passion for a different, common cause. 

And, of course, it’s not just in England. The same could be applied to fans of the Calgary Stampeders or Toronto Maple Leafs, just name a team and thousands of fans will be there to support their favourite team, on a regular basis, which is great. Given half the chance, I’d do the same. 

Imagine, though, if that same number of people decided to spend one Saturday or any day for that matter, volunteering for a worthy cause.

Now I don’t doubt that many of those spectators watching the game in London, probably do volunteer, but I also suspect that many don’t. 

In Canada, I have found that volunteering is far more common and, in fact, if you should attend a Canadian Citizenship ceremony, you will hear that it is made abundantly clear to new citizens of this country that they are expected to volunteer, in some capacity. 

If you have never volunteered do try to find an opportunity to do so, just a couple of hours a week or whenever you can spare the time can be a big help and there’s nothing quite like sharing a passion to help a worthy cause, to give back and make a difference. 

But, going back to the attendance numbers, wouldn’t it be amazing if that many people raised their voices, not to tell the ref he needs glasses, to sing about “forever blowing bubbles” or if you’re a Liverpool supporter, declaring “You’ll never walk alone”, but instead raised their voices in support of or to speak out about issues that affect us all. 

It really would be amazing and could make such an impact. So, if you’re a regular sports fan and support a particular team, take some time to consider if there might be a worthy cause to which you could bestow as much passion.

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