The 10,000 kms Hockey Game

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Today I arrived at my final destination on Canada Quest for Kids: St. Johns, Newfoundland. This is it, Guinness World Record #10, the largest exhibition game of ice hockey on The Rock. I’ve driven over 10,000kms for this game with my hockey gear in the back of the truck. Tomorrow, at 9.30am, the puck drops.

This morning I headed out on a pre-breakfast run from the Brookdale Country Inn at Bishop’s Falls and found a snowmobile trail that headed into the bush. The fall colours are spectacular and I took my camera along to try and capture some of the beauty. Back at the Inn I had breakfast and chatted to the owner Phil. He works in Alberta setting up camps but his passion is his rescue horses. Over the years he’s save a number of these animals from the slaughter house and given them a home.

I explained to Phil what I was doing and that we needed players for the hockey game. He said that maybe Danny Williams, the Newfoundland Premier and Roger Grimes, the previous Premier could help as they both played hockey. I said I would try to get hold of them to see if they could round up some more players. My GPS told me that my drive to St.Johns would be 4 hours and I headed off in the mist and rain.

The scenery is stunning and harsh. Barren rocks, stunted trees and water everywhere. I made it to the city by 5.00pm and just as I was settling into my room at the B & B Jared from the Right To Play club at Memorial University called me. Jared is the organiser of the hockey game and is working hard to get enough players. He wanted to come over, pick me up and head out to Capital Hyundai Arena, the location of tomorrow’s game. Sounds good. At the arena we talked to Mums and Dads about having their kids play in the GWR game and they were keen.

Afterwards, Jared took me to an Irish pub on George Street for clam chowder, a pint of Yellow Belly Amber and some traditional Newfoundland music. It’s now 8.00pm and I have to head off to the airport to pick up Sue. She’s had a long flight from Calgary and will be hungry and thirsty. I know just the place to take her.

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