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Netball Quest 61

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  • $50 give 1 child a RTP program for 1 year.

When kids are very young and want to get somewhere quickly they run. Their little legs are going a mile a minute and they are laughing their heads off. As we get older we change the way we get around. We stop using our legs. As time moves on we start sitting more. We sit on the couch; we sit in the car, we sit at the desk. Eventually we stop running. The years go by and we wonder how we ever ran in the first place. The odd time when we have to run, after the kids or to catch a bus, we're breathless and out of shape.

Well it doesn't have to be that way. I started running at the age of 47. I had run the Terry run at the age of 22 but then took a 25 year break. The only reason I started was because I was challenged to a run marathon by my younger brothers Peter and Andrew, and you never say no to a challenge. I started off by running 1 kilometre from my house and 1 kilometre back. It was horrible, but I wasn't going to let the younger siblings show me up.

The years passed and I continued running. I met Sue in 2004 and convinced her to take up the activity. I put together a plan that combined walking and running with a steady increase in time and distance. I must admit there were a few of tears the first several sessions but eventually we were walk / running 10km routes together. I'm very proud to say that Sue completed her first marathon in Regina in 2010.

I must admit the idea of helping people "re-learn to run" has appealed to me and last year during Marathon Quest 250 lots of people told me that they wanted to start but were intimidated or thought it was too late for them. In June 2011, I was visiting Benin in West Africa and the staff group at the Right To Play office in Cotonou wanted a "Learn to Run" program. So that night I laid out a 12 week walk/run program and we started the next day.

In July, I was giving a presentation to the Cochrane Chamber of Commerce and had the good fortune to meet Deb Spence. Deb is owner of "Creating Balance", a health and wellness centre in Cochrane. We agreed that fitness is a key part of whole body and mind wellness and the idea of starting a "Run Club" for Deb's members was born.

On October 1st five brave souls joined me for the first of 12 sessions of their "Live Ideal 5km Team". Each person had to state why they wanted to accomplish this goal and then we started off with 4 minutes walk and then 1 minute run. We did this six times and by the end of the session had completed 3kms. We all agreed that a portion of the cost of the program would go to Right To Play and our little group will help 2 children with a RTP program for one year. Now that's worth running for.

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Members of the "Live Ideal 5km Run Club". From left to right: Deb, Kaitlyn, Shannon, Martin, Renee and Amanda

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