Redwood Meadows 5km Fun Run

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Next Quest:

  • Comrades Quest 89

  • The Comrades Marathon (89km)
  • Sunday May 29th 2011
  • Durban to Pietermaritzburg
  • South Africa
  • Days to go: 6
  • Finish Time (target): 11hrs 59 mins 59secs
  • Finish Time (actual):

Saturday was my last running event before heading off to Africa. Four months ago, Carol Scarratt had contacted me and said she would like to hold a 5km Fun Run and raise money for Redwood Meadows Children Programming and Right To Play. Redwood Meadows is on the outskirts of Bragg Creek, a town 30km south of Cochrane. I said I'd love to participate and Carol started working. Carol is an organizer extraordinaire. She ended up geting 42 sponsors, including race bags from LuLuLemon, gift cards from Boston Pizza, day passes to Calaway park and a gift pack from Mark's Work Warehouse. A month ago we had a registration day and 45 adults and 42 kids signed up.

Sue and I arrived at the Town offices at 1.30pm and more people were signing up for the race. At 1.45pm Trisha Koomans began a warm up on the playing field and a 130 plus adults and kids started doing jumping jacks and leg squats. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were also very active and we got eaten alive. At 2.00pm we all lined up at the start line and, at the sound of the Redwood Meadows fire truck siren, we headed off. I ran with Sue and runner Jeremy. After 2km a young lad joined us. He said his name was Zac and he was nine. He told me it was his first 5km run and he wanted to finish. He was having a tough time so I stayed back with him to give him a hand. He said he wanted to stop but I suggested we do walk breaks. This worked and we crossed the line in 41mins 37secs. His mum was thrilled.

After the race we handed out a load of raffle prizes and Carol figured we had raised over $1,000 for the Children's program and Right To Play. Everyone agreed that we should do it again next year. The world needs more people like Carol.

I'm off to Africa tomorrow. I've packed my camera, sunblock, running shoes and toothbrush. My next blog will be on Monday June 6th. Talk to you then.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (Bees)

Q: What did the confused bee say?
A: To bee or not to bee!

Quote of the Day

"Miracles happen to those who believe in them".

Bernard Berenson

Warming up for the Redwood Meadows 5km Fun Run

Fun Run Warm up

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