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Below are the Latest Donation stats:

  • Date: Thursday Jan. 20th 2011
  • Donations to date: $280,665.00

Xstrata Nickel donates $30,000

  • Cost of a Right To Play program: $50
  • Number of children who will benefit : 5,613
  • Donations open until: Feb 4th 2011
  • Days left to donate to the "Quest": 15

On the morning of Jan 3rd, Steve Flewelling, Senior VP, Projects and Exploration, of Xstrata Nickel called. He wanted to know how much was needed to achieve the $250,000 Marathon Quest 250 / Right To Play target. I told him that we were at $220,000 and needed $30,000. He said he'd call back.

I'm a Mining Engineer and immigrated from England in 1977. I went to work for Cominco Ltd. at the Sullivan mine in Kimberley, BC. Over the next 5 years I worked at the Con gold mine in Yellowknife, NWT and an open pit lead / zinc mine in Pine Point, NWT. After some travel, I arrived in Sudbury, Ontario and joined Falconbridge Ltd (now Xstrata Nickel). I worked for Steve for a number of years before I left in 2003. The industry is known for pulling together and helping others in times of need.

Steve called back that afternoon and said that the company would donate $30,000. Today, the dream came true. This donation will allow another 600 children to have a Right To Play program in 2011. That's a schoolful!

This afternoon Sue and I went to listen to Dick Beardsley. Dick told the story of his 'Duel in the Sun' with Alberto Salazar at the 1982 Boston Marathon. Dick also talked about his recovery from a near-fatal farm accident, his subsequent addiction to painkillers and his path to recovery. He is an amazing speaker and a true gentleman.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (bear's)

Q: Why was the little bear so spoiled?
A: Because its mother panda'd to its every whim!

Quote of the Day

"It's unbelievable that, wherever I go, people still want to talk about that race. It beat me up more than any other race in my life"

Dick Beardsley

Boston's Freedom Trail: The site of Dick Beardsley's greatest race

ZMQZ Freedom Trail



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