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Below are the Latest Donation stats:

  • Date: Monday Jan. 17th 2011
  • Donations to date: $250,000

WE MADE IT!!!!!!!

  • Cost of a Right To Play program: $50
  • Number of children who will benefit : 5,000
  • Donations open until: Feb 4th 2011
  • Days left to donate to the "Quest": 18

At 2.25pm this afternoon I got a call from my family doctor, Bill Hanlon. He asked me how far we were from hitting the $250k target. I told him $1,271.64. He generously covered this amount with a donation, which meant that, at 2.30pm, the "Donation to date" figure read $250,000. Unbelievable. This figure will provide 5,000 children with a Right To Play program in 2011.

This got me thinking about all the people, like Dr. Hanlon who had supported me during the year and I'd like to relate a few of their stories. Jim Rooney is owner of Dynastream Ltd, a Cochrane based company. Jim puts his money where his mouth is. Not only did he sponsor the first and last marathon but he also held a "Health and Wellness" day for all his 60 employees. They enjoyed skating and running at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Fitness centre and got paid for their efforts.

During 2010, twenty people donated $1,000 to run a marathon with me and one of those was Norine. Norine, with her husband, had flown from Ontario in order to run with me. Unfortunately, I was injuried so Norine and I walked a marathon on the Calgary pathways one glorious August day.

Finally, the kids. Time and time again, as I was running at one of the 60 schools in the Calgary area, children of all ages would come up to me and give me their pocket money. This would be a toonie, loonie or a quarter but they all said it was to "Help the other kids". Jillian and Treyton, both age 8 donated their birthday money to Right To Play. My youngest donator was Alexandria, 6 months old. She donated her Christmas toy money.

To everyone who has donated I want to say a huge thank you and on behalf of the 5,000 children: much appreciated.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (bear's)

Q: How do you hire a teddy bear?
A: Put him on stilts!

Quote of the Day

"Adventure is not outside, it is within"

George Eliot

On Jan 17th at 2.30pm (MST) the MQ 250 goal of $250,000 was achieved

ZMQZ 17 Goal



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