Training Day

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If it's Wednesday it must be "Run a Marathon" training day. My friend, Andrew, came over at 8.30am and I  had made arrangements to meet with Kevin Green from CTV. They both arrived at the same time and we headed up to the start of the Cochrane Foothills Marathon course.

The day was crystal clear but the temp was -8C with a bit of a wind. Kevin did a brief interview and then Andrew and I headed off along the 1A towards the mountains. Kevin went ahead of us and took shots along the route. After about an hour Kevin said he had enough footage and he mentioned that the sequence would be shown on Saturday.

Andrew and I chatted as we made the climb to the top of the course. We talked about the cycle trip I had under taken in 2005, from Cario to Cape town and I recounted the beauty of Namibia, wide open desert scapes, with the sun bring out incredible salmon coloured hues in the rocks.

Morning ride in Namibia


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