Blowing in the wind

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Another Wednesday, another "training marathon" day. Time's ticking along towards January 1st and marathon #1, and as I was having my morning coffee I checked the count-down clock on the Marathon Quest 250 website. It said  36 days 23 hours 15 minutes and 24.172 seconds.

I pointed out to webmaster Jeffrey several day ago that the accuracy on the count down clock was to the 1/1000 of a sec but that Usain Bolt's 100m world record was only measued to 1/100 of a second!!!

Paul came over at 7.45am and we headed up to the intersection of 1A and Horse Creek road, the start of the Cochrane Foothills marathon course. The temperature was -5C and as calm as can be but 5 hours later it had warmed up to +14C and I was running into a howling wind.

Along the way we spotted a number of animals including the fellow below.

Two-Tone the Llama watches the world go by:

Two Tone the Llama

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